Tuesday, June 06, 2017

A few events of the last of May

Aiden's co-op camping class learned how to put up tents... and now nearly every day he asks to go camping!

We finally got back to one of our favourite walks by the river after the flooding.

The climbing trees are still the highlight!

Imma came for Mommy's birthday and brought Beatrice with her too. A very special present to have them for the weekend.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Something A Little Different

We've been having fun making and colouring these psalm posters that now decorate our kitchen:

Want to join us?

Download Psalm 25 and/or Psalm 37 in NLT

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Watch out summer....

Aiden's learning about camping and is brimming with excitement to try it all out!

Finishing Season

Aiden finished last week and the girls this week.  All of them finished their books and received awards. Even Dad memorized the 4 books along with Grace and got a reward. Grace has now finished all books of T&T and all challenges associated with them!  So in the Fall we'll be trying out some other programs.

Math U See Alpha & Beta
Both Aiden and Jasmin have finished their math levels for the year - and want to start the next rather than stopping for the rest of the school year!

Sunday School verse memorizing
Each class has a verse pack to memorize over the course of the year.  All three kids have worked hard to keep up with a verse a week. It has been tough especially for Jasmin, but with perseverance she has made it!

May 1st was the last class of Perspectives of World Mission course. Mom is enjoying having her Monday evenings back (class time) and her Thursday afternoons back (homework time), but she's missing the external impetus to grapple with mission issues and attempt to apply them to life.

Mom finally finished the quilt she started over a year ago! Too late to use this year, but in the Fall...

 ...someone will get to stay warm with this piece of hard work!