Thursday, October 13, 2016

One Proud Moment Each

Aiden after sorting his letter cards

Jasmin after drawing some whimsical fantasy dogs

Grace when playing a wickedly good game of dodge ball

Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Sunday Night Special - Grace

2nd day of October
Listening, writing, solving
Crossword puzzles
While waiting
For swimming

Evening hooray
Small group kickoff
Twenty eight isn't 
So small
Showing Grace (C.)
the funky fireplace
At Mrs. Heather's

Waiting, bouncing, playing
People arriving 
Mini trampoline game

Shortly after
Called for prayer
I ate
Chicken fingers
And juice

Talking, eating,
Lounging about
Everyone waiting
To get in the pool

Finally pool time
Everyone in
Jumping, splashing,
Grace C. leaped in
Revelling in the water
Looking for the rings

Playing, playing
Discovery of fins
By Jasmin
More jumping in

Jasmin and Grace (C.)
In and out
Some wrapped in towels
Others splashing about

Sponge star frenzy
Throw sponge fight
I gather stray ones
Give them to Aiden

Sponges whizzing
Throw them about
Back and forth
Again and again

Failed race request
Goggle success!
Still people throwing

Up and down
In and out
Back and forth
Goggles on 
Swimming the pool

Mrs. Heather's children sitting
Not so small anymore
At the edge of the pool 
They catch and throw
I get the ones 
They can't reach

"Out of the pool"
Everyone get out
Confused about why
Lingering still

After risky changing
Epic foosball fun
Getting better
Wearied but happy

People leaving
A few at a time
Almost one by one
Now it's our time

Sleep in tomorrow
Behind the next day
Still worth it
Sunday night special

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Mixed Reviews

Mixed reviews for this last week
Life as it is real

Stairwells full of draped sheets and leaning cushions
Squeals, thumps, happy voices, giggles, and odd sound effects

An hour or so at the river in, on, by, over the water
Dappled sunlight and cool air calling attention to Fall

A few unexpected moments with street friends
Unbelievable - a Sunday movie night together too

But then, a mopey face,  an upset tummy
Turning life inside out

The will for schoolwork far away
The need for heat-pack warmth and comforting ginger teas

Jasmin dealt a tough hand again this week
Meaning Mommy can't juggle school smoothly

Lists abandoned, work incomplete
Competing needs grasping, clamouring for attention

An attempt to see our sympathetic paediatrician
Thwarted by an enigmatic "he's not yet back in the office"

So an afternoon frittered away at a walk-in clinic
And a "drink more" prescription the only thing to show for it

Long, late-night talks 
Both fantastic and fatal

Glowing catch up chat ranging near and far
A quick question morphing ugly into twisted argument

Both making morning come far too soon
Mind clouded with sleep and tangled with leftover emotion

A busy week with daily trips out and many commitments
Yet not without afternoon quiet times to recharge or snatch a nap

Meals messed with long faces 
One with no appetite and fasting adults

Happy news of Imma's booked (finally!) visit
Preparations for long-awaited appointments

Unhappy neighbours with loud happy kids
At home all day unintentionally sharing their  play

Mixed reviews on this last week
Life as it is real.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Poetic People

Unintentionally, we're having a poetry unit this Fall...

Predator and Prey

That peaceful day upon the heath
Where a tree young gazelles lay beneath.
The cheetah stalked gazelles unheard,
Young loud cheetah cubs, though, play absurd.
Impalas stotted for all their worth
Ran from cheetahs' own home turf.

More joined the leaping, jumping fun,
The cheetah cubs chased all of them.
Gazelles finally leap away
Cheetahs' menu's different today.
Impalas, gazelles all live longer
Cheetah hunts, cubs made stronger.

...this from Grace after a morning of Land Animal learning, of course, and being quite taken with impalas that can leap 8 feet up and come down 30ft away (stotting)!

...Jasmin's love burst moment:

I Love You Poem

I love you, smell like roses
The sweet smell wonderful
smell the pink Roses the flowers
I love you go fly over the moon
The lilac dances the twinkling of the stars
Your eyes are like the sun
Your hair is like a silver river
I love you
You move like a swan
Come take my hand and dance like swans on a lake
I love you

...and from me too, this morning noticing the differences in seasons as I run. (Wouldn't have thought I had brain space to notice and compose on the run, but sometimes it writes itself):

Rising sun rays finger the skies
Lighting a new world for my eyes

Forest fingers tinged with gold
True colours not quite yet bold

Thick dew carpets grass with silvery gleam
River mist makes the world a dream

Passing geese heard more than birds of song
Telling with cheerful honk winter's not long

Trees bowed low under berries' weight
Rowan, apple, sumac speak of summer late

Lungs full of crispy air
Coolness flows through my hair

Wonder of spring, delight of Summer
Now Fall pleases this runner