Saturday, April 29, 2017

Spontaneous Lunch time Rhyming (Grace, Jasmin, Aiden)

Do you wanna go to the moon
With a spoon,
In a cocoon?

Do you wanna have a boon
Do you wanna see a coon?


Do you wanna see some dunes
With sand dollar runes?
Do you wanna see some
Upside - down flying loons,
In a lagoon?


Driven by baboons and run by balloons?

(one more time)

Oh, yeah!
Moon, spoon,
Cocoon, boon,
Coon, dune,
Dune and rune,
loon, lagoon,
Baboon, balloon

O-o-o-o-o-h, ye-e-e-ah!

Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Aiden's Date Talk

Each week I take a different kid with me shopping and we take a pause at Tim Hortons for a "date."  It was Aiden's turn this week. Our conversation went something like this:

So, what would like to talk about while you eat your Timbits?

5 - 4=1 right? 
And 5x5=25. 
And 3x3=9 because 3+3+3 is 9.

You certainly have gotten those bits of math well.

I  don't know this question but I want to know, so...
What is 300 square rooted times 300 times 400?

Well, I don't know that either; you'll have to ask a computer.

Or a phone. Ask your phone. It has a calculator.

So we get the answer, and Aiden laughs delightedly.

Why did you want to know that?

Because I really wanted to know that.

What are you going to do now that you know it?

Now I can do divided by questions!

He's still not yet five.
I think my boy likes math.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Break from What?

Break from Normal, yes
A restful week
Invitingly empty and free, no

Starting behind in sleep
A planned week of school to catch up
A normal week in house


A pleasant surprise
Neighbours take up a long ago invitation
Suddenly we're driving to
March Break church camp the first three days


In again out again Monday...

A wildly unexpected job interview (out and in)
A broken up school morning

March Break camp (out)
  Grocery shopping with Aiden in tow
 Quickly now - must be back to pick up the girls
 Squeeze in a bank stop to sign something (in and out and in)
A car full of loud happy girls (out and in)

An errand out requiring parents and YeaYea (out and in)
A quick crockpot supper with YeaYea
Out go Dad and YeaYea - Dad teaching tonight
In comes a babysitter
Out goes Mom as a student to Dad's class (out and in and out cuz Dad forgot things)
Home again late, whew!

Snowy blowy Tuesday...

A late start for all - but not too late
Skype calls at 8, tutoring at 9:30
A ragged attempt at schoolwork

A rather scattered lunch
A tiny breather
Off we go to friends
A long awaited monthly excursion across the city
Snow already falling and laying

Fantastic time of talk and food
Games and play
Late departure after hours of snow
This happened last time too...
A rather drawn out tense journey home
Extremely late to bed for everyone

Midnight wakings
Aiden whimpering in the hallway
"I don't know what to do"
"It's the middle of the night! You should sleep!"
Daddy can't sleep - emails set the thinking whirling
So extremely early morning whispered conversations and prayer
Resulting in morning time sleepy groans.

Wobbly Wednesday...

Staggering awake times
Barely there school attempts
Except for bird-eye bright Aiden
March Break camp with happy girls
Slow, slippy roads meaning Mom doesn't join in
A rare time of Thrift store shopping alone - and successful
Within the two hours, witnessing 3 vehicles off the road
Play dates for Grace and Jasmin tacked on after camp
So thankful for a cancellation that gives Mom a break tonight!

Will we do school at all tomorrow?
Will we go out as planned in the afternoon?
The day will not be a normal Thursday
Whatever we do.
Sorry, can't think that far at the moment.

March Break - a break from normal
Please give me normal back again
Our normal is not regular
But it at least doesn't
Wring us out and leave us in a heap!

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Grace's View of Last Sunday

When it was -20 on Sunday morning, we thought it was too cold to go. After church, it had warmed up (-13). We could go! We ate lunch at NiNi's,  then drove into more rural land. When we got there, I saw a poster that said there was a Pokémaze, where you went and found and photographed Pokémon. I was disappointed when we found out the maze was only open in summer.

 The hay ride wouldn't come until later, so Jasmin and I explored the area. We slid down slides, went through a maze, slid down two gigantinormous snow piles, and looked through a playhouse. We also climbed a huge pile of hay bales. Mom and dad climbed the haystack too. The farm was still decorated for Halloween and Christmas in places! We also went and looked at the barn. In front of the barn were PortaPotties, and behind the portaPotties was an extension of the barn, and over the door to the barn-extension was a sword, which said
 "___ Asylum for the Insane
please have your tokens ready"
I don't get that. Inside the barn, there were lots of pens, which had animals. The first pen held some pigs, which I think were rather youngish, since they were smaller than other pigs I've seen, but they were too big for the piglets I'd once seen. The next pen had sheep, two adults and two lambs. One of the lambs really liked standing on one of the adult sheep's back for some reason. The sheep didn't seem to mind. There was also a goat pen, with three or four goats in it. One of the goats was really friendly, and if you held out hay he would come and eat it. There was also a chicken in the goat pen! I got to feel the goat's horns. There was also a pen that had a door to the outside field.  In there was a donkey and a shy little pony. The donkey was really friendly and would let you stroke him all over and feed him. The pony was too shy and wouldn't let you get close enough to stroke. The donkey also seemed to act like a guardian for the pony, protecting it from us. After that we went back out to the fenced area the barn was connected to and found this yak/ox/cow thing. It had pretty big horns and was very shaggy. I managed to touch its horns, but it moved away before Jasmin could. Then we went back to exploring the area.

 Finally, the hay ride was ready. Me and Jasmin had to run to the ride. When we got in, we took a picture. But we all had to squuiissh to fit in the picture. Then someone hurried up to the bench-trailer-hay-ride-of-sorts-without-the-hay-:(-thing and climbed in. She almost missed the hay ride!
It was a pretty bumpy ride. We saw more outdated Christmas and Halloween decorations, and more sap lines. When we finally got there, we saw a maple taffy place and hurried over. We got to make maple taffy! A guy poured out some boiled maple syrup (I think), and told us to wait 10 seconds before rolling the taffy. I did, and then had to put it in the snow more so it would stay on my stick. I finished it pretty quickly, and then we went with a guy into another building and he showed us how they made the syrup. Then I washed my hands in snow because my taffy had been so sticky. My hands were cold after that for a little while. Then we rode back, played a little longer, said goodbye to the animals, (Jasmin managed to touch the pony! I saw a rabbit at the end of the hall with tons of wheelbarrows in a pen.) and went to small group. That was a little boring since there was no-one our age there. But we found a new season of How to Train Your Dragon: Race to the Edge! (season 3 or 4)

We went to a sugar bush farm!