Saturday, February 18, 2017

Snow Fun

Aiden had been praying nightly for new snow for a week... and we got plenty!  The three of them have been burrowing in our snow mountain of a front yard, but finally moved to the back yard to create "Praise God" the snow angel.

And today, with the wonderfully mild weather, they got to be useful while getting thoroughly soaked and having fun... We were trying to find the drains to drain the road of the few inch deep sea in front of our house, but they were buried too deep under snow and ice piles for us to find, let alone uncover.

And it struck me that we have been here before:
February 2009!
Since I was out there in it with them both times, I guess that first fake Spring thaw is irresistible for water playing people.

Monday, February 06, 2017

Finally Christened Canadian

Third winter in Ottawa (this time around)
At least twice that for Mom
And yet this February
First time skating on the canal

A rather impromptu plan
To take advantage of the weather
To not miss yet again
To be fully Canadian in Ottawa

We joined the throng
Winterlude kickoff breakfast
Pancakes drowning in maple syrup
Steamy cups of hot chocolate

Eaten amid the organized chaos
Trying without success
To not besticky 
Hats and mitts and coats

Curious boy wandering off
After the "tall man"
Waving cheer 
Upon his stilts

Really, Canada?
Saturday morning crowds
For a winter picnic breakfast?
Obviously a popular idea

Across the road
A park full of wonders
Carved in ice
Gleaming, sparkling celebration

Drum and dance bands
Ice map of Canada
Kid creation station
Proud of 150 years

After a wander through the wonders
Through the igloo
Exiting with Inuktitut names
We headed for the canal

A busy place
A thrill of the momentous
A long hassling with skates
Finally everyone in and on their feet

With Aiden on a chair
Off we went with the crowd
Grace tracking the distance
We made it 3 km!

And then stopped
(As Mom's skate broke)
For a quintessentially Canadian skating lunch
Poutine and Beavertails

Only in Canada...
Crowds on ice just for fun
Comfortable on skates
Old and young

And then the weary way back
Not quite so fun
But still with thrill
We could have made it all the way

It was very quiet in the car on the way home
Everyone sleepily satisfied
An Ottawa dream come true
Finally christened fully Canadian 

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Things We Did in Halifax For Christmas

Succumb to and recover from yet more colds
Gather with family from far and wide
(Aunty Ruth now from Vancouver - the other side)
Read thick books and thin buried in blanket folds

Give and receive some most wonderful gifts
Games at Uncle Arran's - hilarious jacktv
Can you believe it - we didn't see the sea
Shovel snow for an hour; what humungous drifts!

Find a bobcat skull with Aunty Jo
Slip on ice and gash eyebrow on the car
Snowshoe - the first time! - not so very far
Please, mom, home we don't want go!

Eat some fantastic festive food
A December birthday brunch (among us there's 4)
Christmas dinner for 19, and room for more
A show for which puppets are glued

Play long, hard, loud and often with cousins
A struggling campfire in Imma's back yard
... a burnt coat (mom let down her guard)
Cousins play aplenty - just three short of a dozen 

Visit a hobby farm and milk a goat
Learn a new game called Sleeping Queens
Aiden playing alone - hardly we've seen
Think many blog post ideas that never got wrote

Unfortunate circumstances called for a puffer
Our three attempts to get a prescription
Defies poetic description
But in the end Dad no longer did suffer

Many late nights and late mornings too
Friend meetings aplenty to fill in the days
Hot chocolate and eggnog, sugar craze
Far too busy to take photos for you...


Saturday, December 03, 2016

What Else?

A flu-style cold with great tenacity
Seized our household
Jasmin first
Right after getting "protection"
In a flu shot
Then Aiden
Then Daddy (twice it seems)
Then Mommy
And Grace stands alone

Daddy bumps another car
Their car is fine
Ours is not
Adventures in living carless
For... longer than we thought

Added tasks for Christmas coming
Begun and not finished
Added to the trickling stress

Busy weekends
Choir singing
Choir practicing
Sunday School, Church
Jasmin's winter recital (She did fantastic though still not feeling great)
Daddy consulting at a men's retreat

Patience stretched
Niceness worn thin
Sharp words and snarls
Hurts and "humphs"
Relationships pulled taught
Courage energy spent in restoring peace
And real unity

A call for prayer
Family first
A measure of relief
Wider call issued
Growing victory
Hopefully we're done for now!