Thursday, October 12, 2017

Outdoor Play

One recess time Mommy found all three in our tiny tree
Hmm, must be time for a forest jaunt...

So today we walked through lovely Fall weather - finally!
To enjoy an afternoon by the river

 And when they were 
wet enough
cold enough
sore enough
cut enough
happy enough

We wandered slowly home

Tuesday, October 03, 2017

Aiden's Turn!

After reading Colour by Christina Rosetti last week, Aiden wanted to try write a color poem too...

What is brown?
A tree is brown
Sucking up carbon dioxide.

What is black?
The night is black
With twinkling stars sailing through the sky.

What is green?
An apple is green
A person eating a happy apple.

What is white?
The clouds are white
Raining water.

What is purple?
A binder is purple
People using it to do school.

What is magenta?
What is magenta?!?
An elastic used to make a ponytail!

It gives interesting insight into this boy's view of the world, no?

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

We Got A Pass!

A rare occasion indeed
An impulsive look as Mom went past
Picking up holds at the library
A museum pass was in!

We set a day carefully - only a week in which to choose - 
putting together an itinerary to warrant the trip:
Museum, looking at a violin off kijij, supper with NiNi and YeaYea
But that day got hijacked for other things
So, we did things in reverse

Stayed the night at NiNi and YeaYea's
Saw (and bought) the violin in the morning
And spent the rest of the day at the Museum of Nature
A rather unexpectedly long rest of the day!

I guess it helps that Aiden is older
more willing to engage than lie on the floor 

Once again the favourite places
Blowing up volcanoes
Creating earthquakes
Crawling through caves
Imagination trips in the submarine

The two surprises:
Jasmin over the moon enamoured 
By the gemstone displays
Soaking it in
Voicing longing to find one herself
Begging for pictures of each

 The live bug display 
Enthusiastically explored by all three
And then
Climbing on the beetle
Jumping as far as a cricket

I think I'll check for other passes - this was a good afternoon spent!

Friday, September 08, 2017

Unusual Summer Part 3

For the kids, Halifax means...

Playing with Selah, Imma's new dog
She is puppy enough still to have all the energy to keep up with kids! They had great fun in the house and taking her for exploring trips in the woods. They also had the taste of frustration that comes with a not-quite-fully-trained dog that gets loose or wants to play more than they did...

... at Imma's house and at friends' houses
Backyard campfires
Practicing for that perfect s'more I think we got pretty close....

Sandy beach days
Queensland beach, the day we went... Lots of people on the sand but very few in the water.... Disappointingly too cold for us Asian water temperature spoiled people... But that didn't stop Grace from trying at least!

Hanging out with cousins
At Imma's, at their house... Wherever we are, lots of noise and lots of fun!

Enjoying summer sun
So glad for the down time to just enjoy sun and quiet beauty!
For the kids, Argyle means...

Rocky beach days
Crab hunting

Exploring the places of Mommy's growing up...

Reliving memories
Twilight windmill walks
... Mommy looking like Imma, talking with Imma's friend in a place they went often!
Crash course in sailing
...and Mommy actually did crash the boat!! Well, only scraped up on a rock between two islands, but still... Aiden was pretty worried we'd have to swim :o)

Mackerel fishing
 Aiden has wanted to fish for ages, so our friend who took us sailing brought along some rods and we all got to feel the thrill of catching fish. Although now the kids are spoiled for "ordinary" fishing as every cast caught a fish in under a minute!
Hats from a friend

For Mom and Dad, a bit of what Halifax & Argyle means...

Giving Imma grandma time with kids
Catching up with family and friends -  
so much great talk and good food!
Very full days charging and draining us
Alive in prayer
Juggling family fun, rest, ministry.
Moving Imma to her new house - so perfect for her!
Enjoying precious evenings of talk over tea
Sharing childhood experiences with our own kids

But also, 
Michael had to make a weekend trip back to Toronto for his grandma's funeral
We flew to St John's without the kids for a weekend to speak at a few gatherings of our soon return to Asia
Pressure to finish work leftover from before we came
So many people we didn't get to connect with!
Maybe, we'll just have to go again....