Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Summer Review in Photos

Peas in a pod  
Enjoying cookout supper in Gatineau 
After a long day's play 
Washing cars 
At the Big Give

A little bit too rare   Summer afternoons Exploring the river       Wet, dry, sleepy     Muddy and content
Cousin play in Tennessee  
Delight of fireflies  
One to ten in 6 kids
 Museum and pool
Then on again to Florida

Powder white sand under hot sun 
Cousin play continued 
Dawn till well after dusk
Burying Uncle Michael
Even Aiden started calling Daddy that!
Jasmin's birthday celebrated
Dolphin Day camp
Not quite the dream swim with dolphins
But mighty special all the same
Crowning the day  
Supper at Jasmin Thai restaurant
Where they sang her a surprise birthday song

July begun with VBS
Early mornings and lots of kids
Aiden grumpy to be in 
Mini camp only

July end camping trip
At the top of Niagara Falls
Friends from far away
Sweeten the recent bitter partings

A second week of VBS
This time at NiNi's church
giving Mommy time to plan
The soon coming school year
Aiden proud to be in a "real class"

Ready now for September?
Now we have some slow days strung together
Right when we'd like to fill them
With all the Summer things
Yet to do!

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

A Tumble Through July

A Canada Day celebration with friends rearranged
Around a spectacular thunderstorm
We barely beat home and then watched approach
Beautiful, memorable - just not very Canada Day-ish

Daddy meetings
On Skype and out and about
Mommy had a few too
Bible study training at church

A birthday invitation for Grace
Swims at a friend's house
Splash park homeschool mom and kid hangouts
Riverside wanderings

Busy, exhausting VBS week
Relentless early morning wakings
Fun-filled crowd fun
Everyone ready for quiet at the end

Music lessons restarted
No learning ground lost - way to go!
Regular library visits
After lunch computer hour

Celebrating AWANA group member's baptism
Long, lazy day of talk with a wonderer
Bittersweet final goodbyes to leaving dear ones
Intense happy weekend with a longtime friend from Halifax

And now, the month's finale
A two-day camp with overseas friends
Exploring Niagara Falls together
(And whatever else we can fit in while we're down there)

And there is August come already
Supposed to let's-get-ready-for-school time
But I'm still hoping for a long string
Of slow, lazy days of summer!

Wednesday, July 20, 2016


A Compilation of Words
By Grace, Jasmin, Aiden, and Mommy

Early morning rising
Waking kids fast asleep
Hurried sleepy breakfasts
Delicious early morning feel to the bike there

Sitting up quickly
Early morning rise
It seems to me 
I'm touching the skies

T-shirts, tags, and stickers make official
Campers, mini-camper, staff
Prayer for the day
Off to find a group

Volunteers a plenty
Seems like too many
This room's too full
Sitting outside on the bench

Milling about in the gym
Colours and numbers waving
Daily hunt for the right group
Organizing the 400+ campers

I don't want to go to "Sunday school"
The gym is more fun!
I want to color a sign too
Run on the lines with you

Filling up the church
With boisterous noise
Songs of praise, team chants,
Excited neighbour chatter

Coins clattering in buckets
Counted giving for Compassion kids
Red team's ahead, chanting victory
Green replies "not so!"

Game time energy
Running with the kids
Learned a new game or two
Rather enjoyed myself

Blob tag and octopus
Popular games with impossible names
Dodgeball galore
There's too many for more

Crowded, choked hallways
Children chains going head to head
Bottlenecked doorways
Where's the traffic police?

We're late for crafts
Why is it these rooms?
Such small hallways
Kid transit confusion spilling out

Craft room tiny tables
Six a piece only please
Follow the instructions
Lots to do, so little time

Design your own cross
Foam and pipe cleaner men
Chalkboard decorating
Evangacube assembly

Somewhat less confusion
Transition hallway syndrome
Slightly organized chaos
On we go

Come on, let's hurry
Get the good seats
Not on the front floor again
Theatre fills up fast

Bible time theatre
Red and green mashed together
All seats and floor taken
Restless sea of kids

Interesting teaching
Too bad we can't do our actions
Trigger words tempting often
Reading Bible verses

Relief - snack time!
Who's group is loudest?
Not us - quietest!

Not a lot of food
Jesus in you tickets
Bible verses recited
Clean up the fastest

Closing in concert
Team chants loud and long
Ears ringing with kid noise
Good-natured rivalry

Kneecap drum rolls
Who won a prize?
Giving totals announced
Pastor's hair will be dyed

Among waving signs
Matching parent and child
Goodbyes are said
We're done for the day

Now we're heading home
Quiet of the road a relief
Aiden asleep, Jasmin people-grumpy
Home still a bike ride away

Daddy made lunch
Afternoon naps
Solitary activities
Early bedtimes welcome

Tuesday biking
Popped a tire
Too bad Dad's phone won't answer
A hot walk home

Wednesday afternoon
Welcome invitation
Friend's house swim time
Refreshing in summer heat

Thursday night bravery
Two in a back yard tent
Friend for sleepover
Broken with late night thunder

Friday finale with a too tired threesome
"I'm grumpy!" says Aiden "I don't want to go!"
Snarls between friends
But sunny smiles in the end

Friday, July 08, 2016

Summer at Home

Summer at home looks like...

sleepovers with a friend
late night giggles and morning mischief
including little brother makeovers

Afternoon waterside wanderings
among slippery rocks
futile fishing and rock hopping
Reading aloud over the happy river noise
when the muddy boy naps in my lap

 "New" flower photo captures 
for our summer flower journal
Who knew there were so many
I didn't know?

 Rideau River play
fantastic for the easy-climb willows
over mysterious muddy shallows
Sun-warmed marsh smells
and blackbirds' happy calls

Late rising mornings
and lazy afternoons of
involved lego play
Tucked away readers
living adventures far away

Boy begging for some school
Girls needing some morning routine
Park play with other homeschoolers
Near daily water play of some kind

Unintentional late nights (some unfortunate)
Scrambled meals as routine yet elusive
Library visits and arm loads of books
Impromptu picnics and welcome computer time.