Thursday, January 04, 2018

Deep Freeze Christmas Holiday #1

What happens after a week of too-cold-to-go-out holidays with 6 kids in the house...

And when the temperature rises to a "warm" -9 (albeit the windchill was still -15)...
 The kids were complaining of being too hot in their snow gear, but the adults were all too cold to talk but not smile :o)

Saturday, October 28, 2017

October Mud!

The river dam's been let down for winter
Perfect for these three
For long hours of fun
In the warm October we've been given

Sculpting, gooping, piling, churning
Mud socks, mud gloves, mud clothes
Adventures to new places now accessible
No one else ready to let kids loose

Mommy amused
So many passer by comments
Of messy bathrooms, ruined clothes,
Long faff in the bath

Only one lovely couple
Old enough to see
The fun and bliss
Skipping over the inevitable mess

We stayed long
Till cold sunset sent shivers
And still little boy burst into tears
At the thought of losing this rare chance

So we went back
And enjoyed it again
Now Mommy gets daily requests!
Not exactly in the plans.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Outdoor Play

One recess time Mommy found all three in our tiny tree
Hmm, must be time for a forest jaunt...

So today we walked through lovely Fall weather - finally!
To enjoy an afternoon by the river

 And when they were 
wet enough
cold enough
sore enough
cut enough
happy enough

We wandered slowly home

Tuesday, October 03, 2017

Aiden's Turn!

After reading Colour by Christina Rosetti last week, Aiden wanted to try write a color poem too...

What is brown?
A tree is brown
Sucking up carbon dioxide.

What is black?
The night is black
With twinkling stars sailing through the sky.

What is green?
An apple is green
A person eating a happy apple.

What is white?
The clouds are white
Raining water.

What is purple?
A binder is purple
People using it to do school.

What is magenta?
What is magenta?!?
An elastic used to make a ponytail!

It gives interesting insight into this boy's view of the world, no?